Memorial Flowers in Edmonton, Alberta

The loss of a loved one is a path where one is not meant to walk alone. The process of arranging a funeral is something you wish you would never have to experience, but as life goes on there will come a time when that responsibility will make its way to your hands. During this crucial moment your emotions are heightened and raw, you’re unable to think straight, and not being able to take care of yourself properly will have a long term effect on your body and mental state of mind. There are a lot of components to sort out in this time, planning a funeral home, transportation, purchase of a casket and invitations. We will wholeheartedly guide you to express your love towards your loved one by providing graceful flower arrangements to show your gratitude. Our florists have carefully designed a range of casket sprays, memorial bouquets, and funeral ringed flowers to honour our client’s loss in Edmonton.

Our floral designers have a bountiful worth of knowledge to help you pick out flower arrangements that will express the sentiment you would like to capture. They are aware that each flower has its own significant representation, and symbolic meaning to them, to give you a brief idea— white lilies symbolizes the innocence of a soul that has left it’s physical body, whereas white and pink orchids portray the words “I will always love you”. Our designers also believe that it’s equally important to consider the colour of each flower in respects to celebrate the life of a loved one with sympathy, love and peace. It’s truly pleasant to know how flowers have the ability to speak for you when you’re at a loss for words, the visual representation it offers comforts on a grand scale. We’re here to help you commemorate the loss of your family, friend or anyone that was close and dear to your heart, so let us take this out of your hands without having to worry about funeral flowers.