“Guess who’s getting married!” That’s right it’s you and your groom to be! Now that the engagement is out of the way, it’s time to plan for the biggest day of your life. We have to be honest here, planning a wedding is not easy and we can mutually agree that it’s stressful. There are so many factors involved when it comes to your wedding day, things you thought you didn’t have to take into consideration on top of what type of cake should be ordered, who to invite, where the venue should be, and what theme to go for. Fortunately for you, we promise we can take the load off of your shoulders when it comes to the aspect of wedding flower arrangements you’d love illustrated, as you’re walking down the aisle. Our designers are especially innovative and creative with flower arrangements in weddings big or small, with over 15 years of their specialization in this industry.

Cerise Floral Studio designers in Edmonton are incredibly detail oriented, and just like a wedding planner— our floral designers take everything into consideration with your uniquely designed flower centerpiece. Each couple portrays their own taste that goes according to their personality, and often enough they’d like to incorporate those ideas into their wedding day. Our designers are particular with their selection of flowers, they skillfully bring out client’s vision through their work of art. The process of arranging wedding flowers isn’t just picking out a bunch and placing them in a vase. It comes together by creating a certain ambience, things like a shape of a flower, colours of contrast, subtle pieces, and the angle position of each flower embodies a bigger picture for our clients. Our inspiration comes from our client’s venue, how the venue looks like and what type of mood they’d like to create in accordance to it. We’re proudly happy to say we’ve brought their visions to life on their wedding day and we can do the same for your upcoming wedding day too!




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