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The gift of giving flowers is an undying tradition that hasn’t lost its touch since the ancient times— and when we say ancient, we mean it goes all the way back to the times of gods and goddesses of floral gifts. It’s beautiful to have a tradition that will always continue to grow in fields and in the hearts of others. The act of giving flowers has evolved from its original purpose, romance to a simple thank you, from apologies to a loss of a loved one, from happy birthdays to mother’s day. As simple and elegant flowers can be, the message it presents speaks volumes to the person who receives it, to make them feel loved and valued will always be something that they will carry with them.

Cerise Floral Studio, is a flower shop located in Edmonton known for its welcoming ambience created by wonderful florists with an eye for art and attention to detail. We have flowers for every occasion, and we have an incredible amount of variety that can be extremely hard to choose from or come to a decision. In order to help you find the absolute perfect flower arrangement, our florists in Edmonton ask you a series of personalized questions that will help them create a bouquet which will resonate with you and the person who you are gifting it to. If you are ever in an unfortunate situation where you’re unable to come in person to pick up your flowers to surprise your loved one, we can take care of that as we provide flower deliveries in Edmonton! Cerise Floral Studio may be a small flower shop, yet our customer service extends well and beyond our four walls to a bouquet of flowers in your hands or gracefully sitting at the comfort of your home, to remind you how cherished you are. The secret ingredient to the art of our flower arrangement is refined according to your taste and will leave you walking away with an aesthetically pleasing bouquet.



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